Browmaels Ultra Conditioning Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask with 100% All Natural Plant Grown Ingredients is an exclusive formula blended from plants proven for efficacy of healthy hair growth, lengthening and thickening. Browmaels Mask is tested for high efficiency for all hair types, ages, and genders. With the first use Browmaels Mask will absorb into hair and scalp producing remarkable results. Improvements continue with each use. You will be excited about the smooth feel, natural shine and overall appearance of your hair. You will be want to continue use of Browmaels Mask as with each use the amazing results will become more and more apparent. At Browmaels we believe in starting at the beginning by creating a formula designed to work from the hair root level to encourage a healthier scalp; and, a healthy scalp promotes stronger hair allowing it grow longer and not break as easily. Browmaels assists with detangling, washes out clean with 1st lather of Browmaels Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo and finish with Browmaels Ultra Moisturizing Conditioner. Products will leave no oily residue or natural scent smell; you will find your hair well conditioned with light fresh scent of Shampoo and Conditioner. Browmaels will smooth out dry hair leaving hair hydrated with a healthy shine. BROWMAELS ULTRA CONDITIONING PRE-SHAMPOO HAIR MASK FORMULA WITH 100% ALL NATURAL PLANT GROWN INGREDIENTS IS BLENDED AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE TO ENSURE FRESHNESS FOR MAXIMUM EFFICENCY TO ENSURE HEALTHY SCALP, HAIR, AND GROWTH BENEFITS. MASK WITH BROWMAELS ULTRA MOISTURIZING CREAM SHAMPOO AND BROWMAELS ULTRA MOISTURIZING CREAM CONDITIONER; ARE FORMULATED AND INFUSED WITH GROWTH ENRICHING ALL NATURAL PLANT GROWN INGREDIENTS AS WELL, AND SERVE AS NURTURISHMENT TO FURHER PROMOTE GROWTH BENEFITS TO PRODUCE FASTER RESULTS OF HEALTHIER, LONGER, STRONGER HAIR.


My hair was over processed and constantly breaking before I began using Browmaels. After first use the breakage almost completely stopped, in addition it helps soften and detangle.  Kudos! 

Carolyn J. Mobile, AL

Before using Browmaels my hair had been thinning and breaking badly for years. Every time I washed my hair I would find small clumps of hair on shower walls and floor. I tried everything including hair programs and going to dermatologists who diagnosed how “it is so natural to lose hair as you get older,” (I am 65years old).  I refused and to believe that; and kept searching.  I have now been using  Browmaels Mask, Shampoo & Conditioner for the last eight months and at this point my hair is at least  6 inches longer and much thicker; in fact thicker and longer than my hair was 30 years ago.  My hair is now longer more beautiful than ever. I surely never expected these results in which I am very well pleased. If you are really serious and want better conditioned, longer and thicker hair then I highly recommend you give this product a try.  I assure you that you that you will be “hooked,” on the results

Lore T. Auburn AL

I have used Browmaels All Natural Hair Mask conditioner and I love it!!!  I’ve used it weekly and in the month and a half of usage, my hair has grown longer and is not as dry as before.  I’m loving it and telling others who deal with breakage and dry hair to give it a try!  I highly recommend this product.  It truly is the best conditioner I’ve used so far and I’m GLAD I gave it a try.

Vanessa W. Redford, MI

Browmaels products are a five out of five on rating scale. I noticed less hair shedding and my hair is much stronger in a month and a half. And I'm also seeing growth.

Merthy N. Gardena CA

I want to take a minute to discuss this new hair product.  It is called Browmaels Ultra Conditioning Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask – with 100% All Natural Ingredients and Browmaels Shampoo and Browmaels  Conditioner.  I had heard about it from different people. They said it is a miracle.  Their hair is so much healthier and longer.  I had to try it.  It is everything they say it is.  Before using it my hair was horrible. It came out due to some bad decisions I had made earlier which damaged my hair.  I even I had bald areas  yes I got those too.  My bald areas filled in and I have never in my life been as proud of my hair as I am right now.  Proud to wear this crown on my head, and it is getting fuller the more I used the mask. And during styling I do not have all the breakage.  I feel very good and confident again.  Not worried if someone else can see a bald area or so much of my hair on the floor. I recommend this product to everyone. Even if your has is not damaged.  It makes my hair so manageable and beautiful for a very reasonable cost.  So happy I found about it.

Janice K.

I have seen real results from using Browmaels. My hair growth had been stagnant around my hairline, but now is visibly thicker; and I’m so happy with the results – and I will be continuing purchasing; being that it took me so long to find something that worked for my hair.  I get lots of compliments on my hair and I know it is because of Browmaels.

Sandra K.